Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wikipedia Art: Media Graffiti or Exquisite Corpse?

Wikipedia Art, posted today by Scott Kildall and Nathaniel Stern on the Wikipedia site, invites collective bloggers, editors and artists to collaborate and begin creating the conceptual art piece via contributing directly by editing the topic and and off the site via writing about it. Wikipedia madates that entries are sited from credible sources, so the piece can not exist without participation from both outside and within the actual entry. Wikipedia Art as a conceptual piece, takes information gathering, documenting and archiving and appropriates these art practices to the parallel structure of Wikipedia.

Often criticized for having compromised integrity for viability, Wikipedia as an encyclopedic reference is vulnerable to vandalism of information through unreliable sources and less that scholarly authorship. The intervention isn't just a conceptual, interactive work in it's practice of contributing, editing and sourcing - but acts also as media graffiti and commentary on the site's inclusive yet nonobjective practice.

The discussion to remove the entry from the site states that Wikipedia is not an art platform for circular referencing, but an online encyclopedic resource. I encourage you to participate.

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